About Us

The Samsara Holidays is dedicated to provide quality Tour Packages and ensuring that its partners/clients get new products as well as unbeatable value add-ons to existing product lines, with the aim of maximizing established and successful relationships and creating high-yielding business opportunities.

The Samsara Holidays offers expert local knowledge and logistical fulfillment and has experience in managing large incentive groups, adventure tours, cultural tours, special interest tours .Whether it is a well-earned incentive programme or a special interest group, the objective at The Samsara Holidays is to instill a sense of reward and fulfillment through well-designed itineraries.

The Samsara Holidays designs and operates programmes for conference organizers, travel agents, associations and corporations for a truly satisfying, enthralling and authentic Himalayan experience.

Behind the success of The Samsara Holidays and in fulfilling your dream holidays is our dynamic team. Travel is passion for us. Each & every member of our team is passionate to showcase authentic Himalyana experience and committed to ensure seamless & impeccable services to incoming guests.

This passion is the driving force that enthuses every team member and adds that special value which sets the company apart and permeates every aspect of your travel with us.low us on Twitter or Facebook. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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